Your 4G LTE Global WiFi Hotspot + 6000 mAh Power Bank

Skyroam Solis - Your Smart Travel Companion

Super fast portable WiFi and power charging for international travel

Powerful Charging

Charge your gadgets on-the-go with embedded 6200 mAh power bank and latest USB-C connection

Smart & Simple

One-touch access to unlimited WiFi in over 130+ countries - no SIMs needed!


Connect up to 5 gadgets at once. Keep your laptop and colleagues online too!

Blazing Fast Speeds

Get the fastest 4G LTE mobile WiFi speeds worldwide

Keeps your data secure

Ensure safe communication and banking, avoiding risky public WiFi networks

Long Lasting

Stay powered-on all day long with 16+ hours of WiFi battery life

Eliminate roaming fees - predictable spend
Keep your data secure with private hotspot
Unlimited global WiFi for productivity
Instant connectivity in 130+ countries

Best Way To Stay Connected

Frequent Travel

Unlimited WiFi


per day

What is a daypass?

Each daypass gives you unlimited global internet access for 24 hours from the time of activation, for service on up to 5 gadgets at once. You can buy more daypasses anytime and use each at your leisure.



per month

What's our Unlimited Monthly Subscription?

Our new Unlimited Monthly Subscription enables continuous global WiFi and connectivity anytime, anywhere. 30 days of unlimited data. Always on, no activations needed. No contracts, cancel anytime.

Skyroam Device


own Skyroam Solis

Just One Trip

Unlimited WiFi


per day

What's the cost for rental service?

Simply choose your trip start & end days, and for as low as £9 you will have a hotspot device with unlimited, shareable, secure data for the duration of your trip.

Skyroam Hotspot


for rental days

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