Unlock your AwayView now through the Solis App

Available to Solis X users on GoData or Unlimited Monthly Subscriptions


Quality: 8MP, wide angle lens and microphone

Providing you with high quality images and audio

Global Access: View your Solis X live stream from anywhere in the world

Peace of mind when traveling away from family or pets

Pocket-Sized: Easy to transport and set up

With WiFi built in, you just need the Solis X and your App! No extra cords or connectivity.

Battery Life: all day, up to 18 hours

Keep an eye on your valuables and loved ones all day long

How AwayView Works
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1. Pick your Placement
Set your Solis X in a place that will give you best view of your valuables, pets or children while you are away. Tall furniture or mantle tops work best.
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2. Open the Solis App
Log in and select camera on your home screen before connecting to your Solis X. Make sure your device is turned on and the LED power bar is stable.
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3. Select your Device
If you have multiple devices on your account, choose your Solis X that is on a data subscription. If you only have one device, AwayView will open automatically.
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4. Always Have Peace of Mind
Tune in to your AwayView live stream from your smartphone and keep your valuables safe. Revisit your Solis App at anytime throughout the day.
WiFi Subscriptions compatible with AwayView

Pay-Per-GB GoData Subscription: 5€/mo

Get 1 GB of fast, 4G LTE WiFi per month. Local plans for USA or Europe just 5€/mo. Global plan only 8€/mo. Top up anytime for just 5€/GB. No contracts

Unlimited Global Monthly Subscription

For 80€, Subscribe to get unlimited global connectivity for 30 days for WiFi anytime, anywhere. No contract, cancel anytime.

Skyroam Solis X WiFi Smartspot

Power Bank 4700 mAh, USB-C outlet for all day use and on-the-go charging
Share on 10 Devices Connect your laptop, phone, tablet or share with others
4G LTE WiFi Blazing fast speeds locally and in 130+ countries
Remote Camera 8MP, wide angle lens to capture, record, and live-stream
Smart Assistant Fully customizable smart actions with just a tap

The Ultimate Smart Travel Companion

Do more from anywhere with super fast, pocket-sized, secure WiFi and integrated smart features – all easily controlled by the Solis WiFi App.

Download Solis WiFi App for iOS & Android
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Set up your global WiFi Hotspot & power bank

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