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Get security, privacy, and access to your content anywhere with VPN. Share with up to 10 devices from 1 account.

Per month

Monthly Subscription Plan

Surf the Web with Confidence

NOW: US GoData plan offering data as low as $3 per GB

Available in the Solis App or Online Portal to all US GoData subscribers. Offer applied to purchases of 5GB or more.


Security: Military-grade encryption

Protect yourself from hackers and malware

Privacy: Surf the web anonymously

Keep websites and people from tracking you

Content: Access your content anywhere

Get through governmental and geo blocks

Shareable: VPN on up to 10 devices

Shared with all Solis connected devices

Two VPN Plans to Choose From

Monthly Subscription: $9/mo

Subscribe and save 25%. Great for businesses or frequent travelers. No contract, cancel anytime

30 Days of Service Plan: $12

Want VPN service for a specific trip or time period? Get unlimited service for 30 days

How Solis VPN Works
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1. Connect to Solis WIFi
Make sure you have an active service plan and are connected to a Solis device
Step Image
2. Pick a Server and Connect
Browse the different countries and select an available server to connect to
Step Image
3. Label Favorites for Quick Reconnection
“Favorite” frequently used servers to quickly reconnect in the future
Step Image
4. You are now connected with VPN
Surf the Web with Confidence Great for privacy, security and accessing content
Unlimited VPN Service for $9/Month

Skyroam Solis X WiFi Hotspot

Power Bank 4700 mAh, USB-C outlet for all day use and on-the-go charging
Share on 10 Devices Connect your laptop, phone, tablet or share with others
4G LTE WiFi Blazing fast speeds locally and in 130+ countries
Remote Camera 8MP, wide angle lens to capture, record, & live-stream from anywhere
SignalScan Reset your signal anytime

The Ultimate WiFi Companion

Do more from anywhere with super fast, pocket-sized, secure WiFi and integrated features – all easily controlled by the Solis WiFi App

Download Solis WiFi App for iOS & Android
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Set up your global WiFi Hotspot & power bank

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