Solis X Moments

Capture life’s candid moments from anywhere in the world

Automatically snap a series of photos with Moments
Choose the perfect mode for an occasion or create your own.
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LIMITED! Holiday Party
Capture & share extra special moments with friends & family
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Sports Mode
Don’t miss a moment of action, whether you’re in the game or not
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Time in Motion
Document work in progress, track animal movement outdoors, and more
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Relive each phase of celestial change
How Moments Works
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1. Get Solis X & App
Buy your own Skyroam Solis X Smartspot and get the Solis WiFi app
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2. Choose Your Moment
Use the Solis App to choose the perfect Moments mode or customize your own photo intervals and duration.
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3. Stay or Leave it Behind
Select your start time or just hit “go” to start your Moment. You can join the fun or just leave Solis X behind to do the work for you.
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4. Share & Enjoy
When time is up, manage photos in your gallery Moment file. Move photos to your smartphone or Dropbox to share & enjoy.​
Download Solis WiFi App for iOS & Android
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Set up your global WiFi Hotspot & power bank

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See Moments In Action

Skyroam Solis X WiFi Smartspot

Power Bank 4700 mAh, USB-C outlet for all day use and on-the-go charging
Share on 10 Devices Connect your laptop, phone, tablet or share with others
4G LTE WiFi Blazing fast speeds locally and in 135+ countries
Remote Camera 8MP, wide angle lens to capture, record, & live-stream from anywhere
Smart Assistant Fully customizable smart actions with just a tap

The Ultimate Smart WiFi Companion

Do more from anywhere with super fast, pocket-sized, secure WiFi and integrated smart features – all easily controlled by the Solis WiFi App

Connect and Share Your Moments
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