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Per month

Includes 1GB Local Data

Buy more anytime for US$4/GB

Local Data for Less: First 100 Asia GoData Subscribers get 15GBs FREE!

Covered Countries: Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand & Singapore

HK $950.00

Own Solis Lite


Per GB of local Data

Buy Now

Your Go-Anywhere WiFi Companion

Connects to the best local networks

Both domestically, with Asia GoData, and in 130+ countries worldwide, with Global GoData

1 GB full speed 4G mobile data

to use each month for just $4 (Available in select Asian countries only)

Need more data this month?

Buy more anytime for only $4 per GB in Asia, $6 per GB global

Pay only for what you use

No commitments, no contracts

See How It Works
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Its easy as 1, 2, 3

Step 1

1. Grab a Solis Lite Global Hotspot

Buy the Solis Lite Global Hotspot based on your travel plans. Carry your own portable WiFi hotspot to get secure mobile WiFi ("MiFi") wherever you go. Get big savings with low rates and never worry about roaming fees again. No SIMs or tedious configuration needed.

Step 2

2. Power On & Press Start

Simply turn on the hotspot, press start and connect up to 10 gadgets at once. Buy and activate 24-hour daypasses, Local or Global GoData Pay-Per-GB or Unlimited Monthly Subscription anytime to get unlimited global internet anywhere.

Step 3

3. Enjoy WiFi Anywhere

Enjoy unlimited data and fast secure WiFi connection across 130+ countries all at one flat daily rate and the convenience of pay-as-you-go with no contracts. Share the WiFi love with those who matter to you most - for work AND play !

Commute Locally
Wander Domestically
Conquer Internationally
Pay-per-GB GoData Plans available for local or international use

US GoData: $6 USD/mo for 1GB

$6 per month for 1GB fast, 4G LTE local data. Top-up GBs available any time! Data use must be in USA only.

Global GoData: HK$75/mo for 1GB

HK$75 per month for 1GB fast, 4G LTE global data. Top-up GBs available any time! Data may be used domestically or internationally in 130+ countries.

Asia GoData: $4 USD/mo for 1 GB

$4 per month for 1GB fast, 4G LTE local data. Top-up GBs available any time! Data use must be in select Asian countries.

Europe GoData: 5€/mo for 1GB

5€ per month for 1GB fast, 4G LTE local data. Top-up GBs available any time! Data use must be in select European countries.

Skyroam Solis Lite - Your Go-Anywhere Companion

From around town to around the globe, always have fast secure WiFi with you

Global WiFi, No SIMs

Hassle-free Virtual SIM™, easy access to unlimited WiFi in 130+ countries


Connect up to 10 gadgets at once. Keep your all your devices or friends online too!

Blazing Fast Speeds

Get the fastest 4G LTE mobile WiFi speeds worldwide

Keep your data secure

Ensure safe communication and banking, avoiding risky public WiFi networks

Long Lasting

Stay powered-on all day long with 18+ hours of WiFi battery life


Less than 1" in height and just 4.9 oz

Your Best Network Anytime, Anywhere
Skyroam Global GoData delivers super fast mobile WiFi by automatically connecting you to the best local network wherever you go locally or overseas
Skyroam Image
300 networks
130+ Countries
for 1GB
Best Local Networks
Wider Domestic Coverage
Your Mobile Carrier
1 Network
1 Country
for 1GB
Single Local Network
Domestic Coverage
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