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Fast 4G LTE WiFi wherever you travel
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1. Cruise Ships
Skyroam will work by ports or on land where there is cell reception, but not far out at sea - only satellite technology is available far from land.
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2. Flights
When you are in-flight, your hotspot will not work on an airplane. Only satellite technology works up in the air.
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3. Middle of Nowhere
Headed to somewhere far, far away from cities, people and cell reception? Most likely you are out of reach of our Skyroam service.
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4. Space
We believe Skyroam is out of this world, but we are not yet providing service on the Moon or Mars.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where does Skyroam have coverage?

Skyroam service is currently available in 130+ countries, and we are always working on expanding to new destinations!

How do Skyroam hotspots work?

Simply turn on your Skyroam Hotspot and it will automatically find the best local signal wherever you go, so you don't have to do the legwork. What makes the magic happen behind the scenes? Skyroam's patented Virtual SIM technology delivers local data, internationally, allowing you to connect to dozens of different cellular networks without needing SIM cards!

How do I buy WiFi service? What are the options?

We offer multiple types of global pay-as-you-go or subscription WiFi plans including Unlimited Global Daypasses (for 24 hrs WiFi), Unlimited Monthly Subscription (for 30 days of unlimited global WiFi. High speed data up to 20GB, slower after. Data resets each period.), and GoData Global Pay-Per-GB Subscription (Get 1 GB of data per month to use anywhere, top up anytime, if you need more). Daypasses can be purchased anytime and activated each day when you need them. All subscriptions have no contracts, no cancellation fees, just sign-up and use what's best for you. All WiFi service can be purchased at or on our Solis WiFi App.

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