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Carriers & IOT

Businesses, consumers, and devices are limited by the barriers of home network coverage and plans. Skyroam's breakthrough virtual SIM technology unlocks new value-added global data services for any customer or IoT solutions.

Skyroam can unlock your company's global potential

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Enable connectivity worldwide with one simple technology solution

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Say goodbye to excessive roaming costs

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Eliminate the need for configuration across borders

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Streamline business operations with one product SKU globally

Redefine your global boundaries

Skyroam's innovative global WiFi service enables connectivity around the globe to power Internet of Things (IoT), wearables, M2M, and other cellular-connected devices...all without the need for a physical SIM! By leveraging our patented virtual SIM technology, Skyroam can deliver larges amounts of rich data in a fast and cost-effective manner.

Wireless Device Manufacturers

  • Reduce to single global SKU — no customization by country or carrier needed

  • Eliminate international roaming charges

  • Deliver fast speeds and reduced latency with local breakout

  • Eliminate SIM slots, reducing form factor size

  • Carrier diversity ensures better coverage

How does Skyroam's vSIM technology work?

Skyroam delivers a seamless local data experience without the hassle or expense of roaming fees using our patented virtual SIM (vSIM) technology. With a normal SIM card you're bound unique cellular c

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