Meet Local GoData! The New WiFi Plans You’ll Love
Skyroam News
Oct. 31, 2019, 12:08 p.m.
Martinique Lewis
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Have Skyroam WiFi Anywhere, Anytime with new Local plans

We are excited to expand our plans beyond flat-rate global data and offer new, lower-priced local WiFi data plans designed for your everyday needs! From business travelers who need a more reliable and affordable alternative to hotel, airport, or conference WiFi, to members of the mobile workforce who cannot get guaranteed fast, secure WiFi from public café internet. Don’t forget the RV owners who want to cruise with connectivity because Van Life is everything.

How much does it cost, is it competitive? Of course! Instead of $9/mo you’d pay when using Skyroam abroad, you’ll only pay $6/mo with our Local GoData option in the USA and Europe. Save more and share more!

GoData is ideal for the following:

  • Business travelers who needs WiFi for your laptops and don’t want to tether your phones, using personal phone data and draining phone batteries.
  • Commuters who want to stay productive during their morning train, bus and rideshare rides.
  • Travelers who need a private, secure connection and do not want to or are not allowed by their companies to connect to public WiFi
  • Companies who want to save money by having employees share WiFi while traveling (up to 10 devices at once)
  • Mobile phone users who live, work, or visit areas without good coverage from their primary phone carrier
  • Families who want to turn their car into a WiFi hotspot for road trips
  • Students who want to work from anywhere on campus
  • Those who travel both domestically and internationally and want just 1 hotspot that can work anywhere, with service that flexes with them
    Does this sound like you? If so we invite you to try Local GoData and let us know how it’s positively impacted your everyday necessities.

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