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Generous commissions on Purchase and Rentals of hotspots

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Value added benefit for their customers- benefits of our solution(premier/works well)

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Patented tech- innovated solution in travel connectivity

Your Customers Will Love Skyroam

Skyroam Solis In Hand

Share among 5 devices

Connect friends $ family too

Coverage in 100 + Countries

WiFi connection at one flat daily rate

Easy and transparent

SIM-free, hassle-free, never overage charges

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Schedule service for your travel dates

Start using Skyroam on your travel dates only

Its as easy as 1, 2, 3

Step 1

1. Grab a Skyroam Global Hotspot

Buy or rent the Skyroam Global Hotspot based on your travel plans. Carry your own portable WiFi hotspot to get secure mobile WiFi ("MiFi") wherever you go. Get big savings with low rates and never worry about roaming fees again. No SIMs or tedious configuration needed.

Step 1

2. Power On & Press Start

Simply turn on the hotspot, press start and connect up to 5 gadgets at once. Buy and activate 24-hour day passes anytime to get unlimited global internet anywhere. Rental hotspots include all of the day passes

Step 1

3. Enjoy WiFi Anywhere

Enjoy unlimited data and fast secure WiFi connection across 100+ countries all at one flat daily rate and the convenience of pay-as-you-go with no subscriptions. Share the WiFi love with those who matter to you most - for work AND play !

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