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Travel Connected

  1. Easy to Use

    Simply turn on and press "start" to enjoy 24-hours unlimited WiFi. No messy SIMs, no unlocking phones, no entangling subscriptions.

  2. Fast & Smart

    Stay connected with 3G/4G connection wherever you go. Skyroam’s virtual SIM automatically gives you local data upon arrival in a new country.

  3. Low Rates, Big Savings

    Never pay roaming or data overage charges again! Pay one flat rate worldwide, as little as $8 for 24-hour global daypasses with unlimited data.

What is Skyroam Hotspot?

Skyroam's pocket-sized global WiFi hotspot is the easiest way to get fast, secure mobile internet in 100+ countries. Never worry again about hidden charges or the complication of configuring devices.

Buy or rent a hotspot based on your travel plans. Get 24-hours of unlimited internet at one low daily rate worldwide for your smartphone, tablet, and laptop.

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Never Pay Overage Fees Again!

Don't be scared to use data next time you travel abroad. Stay connected for as low as $8 a day. No more data roaming charges. No strings attached.

Did you know your carrier could charge you over $80 for simply sending a photo or downloading one song? Avoid experiencing bill shock ever again. View our pricing and coverage.

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WiFi Anywhere

  1. Unlimited, Secure Data

    A secure, encrypted connection keeps your data safe. A fixed price for unlimited WiFi protects you from unexpected costs.

  2. Connect Up To 5 Devices

    Share WiFi with your friends and family! Connect multiple phones, tablets, and laptops to your Skyroam Hotspot.

  3. Coverage in 100+ Countries

    Skyroam connects you wherever you travel. Get on-demand WiFi in 100+ countries, including all top travel destinations.

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